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Top 8 Fashion Bloggers From Lucknow You Must Follow!! – City Of Nawab

Top 8 Fashion Bloggers From Lucknow You Must Follow!!


Lucknow – The City Of Nawabs And Kebabs, as we all know Lucknow is famous for its food and culture. Well, we Lucknowites carry
our culture perfectly and everyone is well aware of our foodie mind. But Nowadays, Lucknow is getting pretty much hype
because of carrying a great style and sharing astounding fashion inspiration through Fashion Blogging, Fashion Bloggers from
Lucknow is doing a great job and giving us some great styling ideas.

Yes, we get a ton of styling inspiration from celebrities, but to be true, we get the same amount of fashion and style inspiration from
our favorite fashion bloggers too, In fact, we feel more connected with the bloggers because of such relatable contents, topics,
and tips. Fashion Bloggers from Lucknow are equally doing the same, doesn’t matter what the style is, these extraordinary
Lucknow fashion bloggers are carrying it exceptionally and giving every fashion lovers some kickass styling inspiration.

Interested in finding out which Top 8 Fashion Bloggers from Lucknow we’re loving right now? We rounded up a few of our favorite
fashion bloggers below for you to get inspired.

Note – The below list is not ranked from top to low they are just randomly ranked!!


1. Ritu (beyoutifulbeyouu)

A beautiful and stylish advocate!! Ritu started BEYOUTIFULBEYOUU to showcase her creativity. This fashion blogger from Lucknow serves up both practical and aspirational style ideas. Plus, her humor is straight-up delightful.

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: Fashion for me is classy. Any statement of fashion can be trendy but there needs to be some class when you where something(eyecatching).

And We Totally Agree With Her, Click to follow Beyoutifulbeyouu for some classy style inspiration.


2. Vartika (thewinsomesoul)

A pretty lawyer in making!! A great Fashion blogger from Lucknow, Vartika is passionate about fashion with a well-known blog called THEWINSOMESOUL. This Lucknow Blogger understands fashion and is famous for her casual yet trendy style sensibility.

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: Fashion to me is getting comfortable in your own skin.

Lucknow Lawyers are giving us some serious style goals, No? Click to follow TheWinsomeSoul for trendy style inspiration.

3. Nainika (thatblacklashgirl)

‘Oh you’re dusky! loud makeup will not suit you’ ‘don’t wear that colour’ ‘try some products’, This is a story of three out of five girls, Mostly girls with dark colour low their confidence after listening all this. But not anymore, THATBLACKLASHGIRL shows us that ‘Bold Is Beautiful’ Kicking the ass of colour rules she stood up with some coolest and classy looks that everyone is attracted to!!

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: Fashion for me is my world where I can resemble myself. Fashion acts like a mirror for me, Fashion introduces my job.

She is one of the best fashion bloggers from Lucknow. And TBLG is one of the inspiring fashion blogs. Click to follow ThatBlackLashGirl.


4. Shishta (vineyardpassage)

You can always count on Shishta for the coolest, most forward looks that feel different than what everyone else is wearing.
One of the best thing about this fashion blog of Lucknow is that you’ll not only find gorgeous outfit pictures on VINEYARDPASSAGE but some beautiful pictures clicked by her as well.

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: For me, fashion is something in which you feel comfortable at the same time stylish & confident.

Click to follow VineYardPassage

5. Navleen (thatkaurgirl)

No one will deny that we all hate Dentists, but this Dentist is to adore for!! What’s most noticeable about this fashion blogger from Lucknow style is that it is continuously and dynamically changing. From flirty traditional wear to stylish androgynous fashion, she consistently experiments with and expands her wardrobe. Her blog THATKAURGIRL is among the most influential fashion blogs of Lucknow.

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: Fashion for me is a very complicated yet very interesting seven letters word. You ought to come out of your shy shell and explore for the best and unique ways one can upgrade their style of living. Comfort is the important factor when it comes to be trendy & fashionable. Along with it, even confidence plays a great role.

Well, this is just beyond perfect!! Click to follow ThatKaurGirl.

6. Anjali (tadtootrendy)

If you’re a college girl looking for style inspiration, then TAD TOO TRENDY is one you shouldn’t miss. A stylish fashion blogger from Lucknow, Anjali puts together a range of looks from everyday style to ethnic occasional wear. The fact that she incorporates various affordable brands across the board, makes her looks a lot easier to style. Well there is more than just one reason why you need to follow her.

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: Fashion for me is something that is comfortable at first but at the same time so unique & experimental that it can make heads turn. I always like to add a bit of me in every outfit that defines my style & so should everyone because each one of us has a different taste & you never know when someone might fall in love with your style.

That is the ‘Mantra’ of Fashion! Click to follow TadTooTrendy.


7. Shivangi (fashionmirror)

Fashion inspiration that is more relatable to the everyday girl, Shivangi, one of the trendy and stylish fashion blogger from Lucknow Gives you a larger perspective across different age groups, Shivangi’s outfits are user-friendly aka, easy to get inspired from. Sticking to high street retail, you’d even be able to shop certain looks that are available at your nearest stores Her blog FASHIONMIRROR is something you must follow!

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: A popular or the latest style of clothing, hair decoration is fashion for many people but for me, it is something about being comfortable in what you wear and one should be happy in its own skin. Fashion for me is something that can never be expressed in words. Fashion is something that is experimental and can be adapted from different sources and its never limited to a body type.

Fashion can never be expressed in words. We totally agree!! Click to follow FashionMirror.


8. Gauri Singh

Last but not the least, If you’re curious about how to style some of the season’s best items, turn to Gauri Singh, a beautiful fashion blogger from Lucknow !! Again, fashion that is totally doable for the everyday girl, Gauri’s looks are easy to recreate and are absolutely pocket-friendly and trendy. If you’re someone who is looking to put together fashion-forward style statements, following Gauri will definitely help you out.

What Is Fashion For Her?

She Says: For me, fashion is life. Fashion is carrying yourself in a way that nobody can. Carrying yourself differently is having your own fashion statement that makes you unique. Follow the trend but have an identity of your own.

YES, Fashion Is Life!! Click to follow Gauri Singh.


After reading about all the fashion bloggers from Lucknow, you can’t deny that Lucknow is filled with some great style inspirations!!Tell us which blogger you like the most? And feel connected with her style in comments.
Share this post with your fashionista friends and stay tuned for more!!

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