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5 Best Themed Cafes In Lucknow You Must Check Out!! – City Of Nawab

5 Best Themed Cafes In Lucknow You Must Check Out!!


No wonder why City Of Nawabs – Lucknow is famous for its food. And there are some places in Lucknow which serves the proper Lakhnawi taste with a twist!! Well, Amazing food. Exotic drinks. Interesting vibe. Also, a place to hang out. These are the very things we look out for in any cafe. However, adding to that, we do love going to cafes with fascinating themes, don’t we? When we walk into a cafe first thing we check out is how the place is looking? Is it giving us good vibes? Is the ambiance is attracting us to come again? These 5 Best Themed Cafes In Lucknow have it all!!

So City Of Nawab went for a trip around Lucknow to scout some of the coolest themed cafes in town that you must check out.
We’ve listed top 5 best themed cafes in Lucknow for you. Go, satisfy your appetite and your interest!!

1- Underdogs Sports Bar & Grill

This sports-themed cafe in Lucknow is mostly frequented by sports freaks and has its own charm which you won’t get in your regular sports bar. The two-level cafe is full of posters containing inspirational quotes and sports legends.

The second level has stylish red and black interiors, with a separate smoking area and the soccer table and pool game increase the excitement as well. The entrance will make you feel like you are walking through a sports city. The menu has everything from pasta to pizza, hookah to drinks, and main courses as well.

It is difficult to find a table on match days without prior booking. They have one giant screen and around ten small screens.
They will be showcasing FIFA World Cup on projectors and also have some attractive offers and deals during that time period. so if you are a true football fan you should must book your table for FIFA World Cup at Underdogs Sports Bar & Grill.

Where: 4th Floor, City Mall, Vipul Khand 4, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Cost For Two: 1,300 for two people (approx.) with alcohol
Contact: 9935708882/05224959394

2- The Jail Cafe

Located in Patrkar Puram The Jail Cafe is a prison-themed restaurant with locker cells and handcuffs you can surely get a feel for how life is behind the bars. Well, this place is pretty affordable and of course, do not serve jail food.

The idea of a Jail ambiance is as unique as it seems. You can enjoy being in an intriguing jail with constables as servants offering you mouth-watering food and playing music as per your mood! Also, they provide us Saturday and Sunday special musical nights and food served behind the barns. The best cafe – The Jail Cafe is ranked amongst the top 10 cafes and lounges in Lucknow due to its unbeatable ambiance and Lucknawi cuisines and many other dishes!

Where: A-3/172, Patrakarpuram Crossing Road, Vidhayak Puram, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Cost For Two: 600 for two people (approx.)
Contact: +91 8400596000/+91 8874777788

3- Cafe Unplugged

To add a strong gust of air to the already blowing storm of the theme based cafes, Cafe Unplugged has come up in Vinay Khand (Gomti Nagar). It is one-of-a-kind of a cafe where you can experience the best of both worlds, the combination of the most sumptuous food and beverage options and the most melodious music. If you want to get the feel of a music-based cafe, then Cafe Unplugged is a must visit place as you will get the chance to devour on your favorite food and sip on the beverage of your choice, while listening to some impressive music from different genres. It has a wide variety of Indian fare to Italian and much more, to the beverages for different preferences.

Cafe Unplugged is the trailblazer of music theme based cafe in Luckow, It is one of the best-themed cafes in Lucknow. And that makes it even more worth the visit. We certainly hope that you will get varied options to please your palate and your ears as well on visiting the place.

Where: 5/12 Vinay Khand, Near Gomti Nagar Station, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Cost For Two: 500 for two people (approx.)
Contact: +917905113644

4- Sign In Cafe

Are you a social enthusiast? If you are just addicted to social media like nothing else then this is one of the best-themed cafe in Lucknow you need to visit ASAP! Sign In Cafe Completely decorated with comic artwork, it also offers mouth-watering dishes and some great drinks. It’s definitely a crazy spot to spend your time, with your friends and enjoy the amazing ambiance. Quick service, lip-smacking food, walls decorated with amazing stuffs, and the perfect blend of music sum up the Sign In Cafe in Aliganj. The amazing vibe of the place will impress you positively. So why not give it a try?

Where: B-35, Sector-H, Beli Garad Chauraha Main Road, Aliganj, Lucknow
Cost For Two: 850 for two people (approx.)
Contact: +917565838947

5- Chemistry Cafe

While we were dawdling through the streets of Lucknow, we came face to face with Chemistry Cafe – a pretty amazing comer in the area. Well with a roomy lounge and an outdoor seating that will make you want to come back here again and again. It is also quite light on your pocket. Lucknow just got its first ever chemistry-themed cafe and it does seem pretty interesting! Chemistry, as simple as the name is, is located at Vikas Khand (Gwari Village) and we’re really looking forward to heading over.

Chemistry Cafe will make you travel back in time. Like literally they will serve you drinks and food in a really interesting way, too much of experimenting, isn’t it? The service of the staff is outstanding and the food menu is exemplary. The food here is served fresh and quick, and it will always satisfy you, this one is surely one where we would like to chill at with our friends!

Where: 5/599, Vikas Khand, Near Dayal Paradise, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Cost For Two: 550 for two people (approx.)
Contact: +919369195985/+917007590609

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